Our School

Set on a half acre of lush greenery and mature cedars and firs, Sprout and Spark School is nestled in a secluded forest just a few minutes off I-5 in SW Portland.


In our outdoor space, children have free access to a climbing structure, hillside slide, sand box, mud kitchen, and large garden that features native ferns, flowers, and berries. 

Outside, we offer focused lessons on gardening, animal care, sports, and forest ecology. On nice days, students may also use the outdoor space for art projects, picnics, or Montessori work.

Inside, students have access to a wide variety of materials across the traditional Montessori curricula, including mathematics, literacy, sensorial, practical life, and grace and courtesy. During the sustained work period, students can also choose to make use of our Reggio-Emilia inspired artist's studio.

In addition to these core subjects, Sprout and Spark also encourages exploration through technology. We have coding boards and modular robots that introduce children to computer learning and engineering without the use of screens.