Frequently Asked Questions


Is my child is ready for preschool?

Generally, your toddler is ready for school if they can:

-follow simple instructions

-separate from you

-be responsible for their own toileting

What ages do you accept?

We accept students who will be between 3 and 5 in September. Occasionally, a child may be ready for preschool before their 3rd birthday. If you wish to have your older 2-year-old considered for enrollment, feel free to contact us. Please keep in mind that we do not have a separate classroom for toddlers.

Are you licensed?

Yes. We are operating as a Licensed, Certified Home Child Care for up to 16 students. 

Do you accept DHS?

We hope to be certified by DHS by the end of 2019.

What's your ratio?

At Sprout and Spark, we keep our ratio to just five students for each teacher. We believe that maintaining a low student to teacher ratio is critical for the development of our students. 

Do you offer part time or drop in care?

No. Our community thrives on consistency of expectations, teachers, and students. Currently, we offer four or five day preschool curricula for half-day or full-day students. Working with your child daily allows us to build the relationship we need to help them reach their full potential! 

Still have questions? Send us a message!